travel trailer

travel trailer roofingWhen repairing travel trailer roofing, there are less options than replacing doors. For roof replacement in Glasgow you have a few choices. You can go with TPO or EPDM, or you can go with Fiberglass or Aluminum for roof repairs Glasgow. The choice you make will be the main factor in protecting your travel trailer from the elements. There are pros and cons to each type of travel trailer roofing material, and a little bit of research will help you make a decision.


TPO material is becoming a popular choice for travel trailer roofing. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and can be installed with ease when roof repairs Glasgow are needed. It is also a highly reflective material, so it can save energy by reflecting sunlight. This helps air-cooling systems perform better, resulting in lower cooling bills. Another benefit is that TPO roofs are more puncture resistant than other types of roofs. However, they do require electrical power during the installation process, and the material can crack with age.


EPDM travel trailer roofing is one of the most popular options for RV roofs. This synthetic rubber material is made from ethylene and propylene and is durable and affordable. EPDM can be installed with either large or narrow panels and is affixed to the steel deck with fasteners. It is a great choice for RVs that will be travelling in areas prone to hailstorms or extreme heat.


The Dicor RP-FRC-1 fibreglass travel trailer roofing system is 100 per cent acrylic resin with a super-white finish. This material helps reflect the heat from the sun, ensuring your RV remains cool during hot days.


There are several advantages of replacing your roof with aluminium travel trailer roofing. While it is more expensive than other types of roof, the material is less likely to deteriorate over time. One advantage is that it is relatively easy to repair. Most people will not need to spend a lot of time on repairs, and if proper maintenance is performed, their lifespan will be prolonged.

Fibreglass vs TPO

Choosing between fibreglass and TPO for your travel trailer’s roof can be a difficult decision. Both types of materials offer advantages and disadvantages. Fibreglass is a durable roofing material that is more expensive than TPO. TPO is also more vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. A fibreglass roof is more durable and is more likely to last for a long time.

Aluminium vs Fiberglass vs Fiberglass

There are many pros and cons to using both aluminium and fibreglass when it comes to your travel trailer’s roof repairs in Glasgow. Aluminium is more durable and lasts longer. On the other hand, fibreglass is less durable and will deteriorate more quickly when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Aluminium is also less expensive to buy.